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First (only?) Sap Make Something in next 7 Day Challenge 

During this season the Oak Lane Maple Sap Lab (aka our kitchen) has created the following with maple sap from North Philadelphia trees:

  • maple syrup (from five different species of maple and blends)

  • maple candy

  • maple brined smoked trout

  • maple roasted Brussels sprouts with balsamic

  • maple glazed donuts

  • maple fried bananas

  • maple spread

  • maple soda

  • maple drinks

Now, it's your turn. We are giving away one of the following to 3 people who may define themselves as cooks, chefs, brewers, mixers, smokers, bakers, makers (maple soap anyone?), and/or something/someone we haven't thought about. 

  • 15 gallons of red maple sap

  • 15 gallons of Norway maple sap (we keep this sap separate as it has a bad reputation although we like the syrup it makes)

  • 15 gallons of the blend (made up of over 80% sugar maple sap, no Norway sap included)


  • You must pick up the sap, in East Oak Lane, at an agreed-upon time before Tuesday 3/2. You must use all of the sap. If you do not have your own food-grade container for pick up you will provide a $30 deposit which you will receive back when you return the buckets to us. You will fully wear a double mask at pick-up for which I will express gratitude. The exchange will occur entirely outdoors.

  • The sap is perishable. It was fresh out o the tree and removed on Thursday (2/25 or since). We suggest highly that whatever you create you do so before the end of the day Sunday, March 7th. It has been kept at or below 38% and you should prepare to do the same until you make something with it. This is made more difficult as snow is melting.

  • We ask that you document with photos, videos, or other media the process and what you create and share with us and on Instagram and include #oaklanemaple

  • We ask that you share your creation(s) with at least a few other people and share back 1-2 sentence testimonial of what it meant to taste what you created

  • You can create more than one thing. 15 gallons of sap would make approximately 25-40 ounces of pure filtered maple syrup (it starts at 2-3% sugar and at syrup is 66% sugar) but there is so much you can do at various stages of evaporation. 

A few more things

  • If you would like any consultation on what you are making Jethro would be happy to talk with you. 

  • We are not responsible for any harm done to any living things that come from your efforts to make something with this sap. We do not believe any living things should be harmed in this process aside from the small harm we do to the trees when we tap them.

  • Please keep all documentation free of profanity or inappropriate images. 

  • If you choose to sell anything you make (this isn't a lot of sap so don't get ahead of yourself) you agree to donate 50% back to Oak Lane Maple or to donate all proceeds to a cause of your choice.

  • This is a first come first serve challenge. Once the 45 total gallons of sap are picked up the rest of this week's sap collection will become syrup and other treats in our sap lab, I mean kitchen. If none is picked up that's just more sap I need to figure out how to process.

To Enter: Email or text him at 267-984-3493.

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