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Trees as living architecture

As I head into another planting season I’ve been considering trees. Trees create a place. Oak Lane Maple is in large part a celebration of a Philly neighborhood of wonderful people and it’s trees and our goal is to tap into (to create) community that is around us even in this time of pandemic and compounding losses and challenges.

Trees can be a real hassle too and a financial burden that comes along with the burden of owning an old home. I’ve been thinking a lot about how to minimize that burden and stress and maximize the benefits of our old, beautiful trees in a more systemic, shared way. I‘m hoping to enlist ideas and tangible support from arborists, landscapers, advocates and the City. Perhaps if a homeowner has a historic tree or more than one we can help prune it, protect it, make sure it’s less of a burden and more a resource that allows us to celebrate the living architecture of this and other neighborhoods.

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