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So much gratitude

As the season comes to an end (we are boilings syrup today) it's great to reflect on all we accomplished together as a community. A community of neighbors, partners, organizations, families. It's hard to list everyone and every group and of course, we don't want to leave out the land, the trees, the sun, the soil, the rain, the snow, and all that makes making syrup possible. Yes, the oil too. So many hours, so many pounds of sap harvested (nearly 15,000 pounds!) and so many smiles, aha moments, and new things we've learned along the way, plans we've made. And we did this during a pandemic, during the start of a horrible war on Ukraine, and a time of great trauma, loss, and uncertainty.

And together we shared our story to thousands, through 6 TV spots and counting, magazine articles (more on the way), and social media. We created a model that others can follow, we created partnerships that connect maple sugaring here to big issues such as land use, urban agriculture, science, art, education, abolition, and more.

Above all, I am grateful to be able to be a part of it. To bring community organizing and engagement, deep engagement, to the process of making syrup. It's how it was done thousands of years ago by the indigenous people from whom European settlers learned how to make maple sugar from. And it's the way most things need to get done more and more-through community building, through working with each other, and by making the quality of our connections to each other, the land, sun, and the trees as sweet as the syrup that these forces can only create together.

Thank you.

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