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Not just a tagline, a necessity

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

It's good. To tap into community. For us it's tagline and mission, simply put. It is also necessary. A necessity. The current state of our all too deforested urban sugarbush is that the trees just aren't that close together. We use buckets to collect sap which means we use our bodies to harvest it. There's not really a choice. And we can only tap so many trees as 1. there are, 2. we have permission to tap, 3. we have the capacity to harvest from.

Sure, we get a lot of things that Vermont doesn't have (we love you Vermont) but one thing it has a lot of is sugar maple trees, a culture of maple tapping going back generations, and compared to all other states, a large maple tapping industry, institutions and a community that knows and supports the production of pure 100% maple syrup. Having a large sugarbush with tens of thousands of sugar maples in one place makes it simpler too, but hardly easy, to tap trees and harvest sap. Just the numbers alone are hard to imagine as we ponder our relatively teeny 100 plus tree scattered-site sugarbush.

But back to the community. Our purpose isn't to make as much syrup as Vermont. But we can make great, pure, 100% maple syrup together. And once we tap the trees we feel we must harvest the sap. That must is as important and declarative as the tagline to Tap Into Community. It's the only way to make syrup in Philadelphia. And the only thing sweter than 100% pure maple is the healthy, connected, and supportive community of people and trees working together to make it. Hope you join us. To sign up to help email

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