Hitting the limit

Well, it happened. Yesterday, after collecting over 80 gallons of sap in one day from 40 trees my body had had enough. My hip failed and I couldn't move very much. I iced it for hours, dealt with a lot of stress about how to manage this, and got help from volunteers. Between Kirsten, Joe, Noah Dan, and of course Chelsea I didn't lift a bucket today that wasn't empty. Turns out I am not just a mind, and my body has limits. I've felt them before but never from doing outdoor labor. Makes me appreciate how hard people work and what pain they must be in sometimes, or all the time. It also made me really appreciate the trees even more. In some cases, they are filling a 5-gallon bucket in under 15 hours, drop by drop. Drop by drop, little by little. That makes me feel better.

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