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Is it over? Is this the end? Seasons come and go. And maple’s is rather short here. There may be more. Or not. The weather looks promising. The roller coaster ride feels all too familiar in this era of loss and grief. celebrating what’s happening now: preparing for Saturday’s event at Awbury, figuring out how to get 100 plus gallons of sap boiled, preparing for Norway boil and Norway can’t making, making sense of Clubhouse, and beginning to reflect on the inaugural perhaps only season of Oak Lane Maple. Meanwhile Hazel made another great video. Beginnings sometimes follow.

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As the season comes to an end (we are boilings syrup today) it's great to reflect on all we accomplished together as a community. A community of neighbors, partners, organizations, families. It's hard

It's good. To tap into community. For us it's tagline and mission, simply put. It is also necessary. A necessity. The current state of our all too deforested urban sugarbush is that the trees just are

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